Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

The Vaccinated Vandal couldn’t resist the pull of her fat juicy clit. He wanted to ravage her pussy and make it his own. His grip was iron as he pulled her hips close, grunting with pleasure at the tightness that promised to envelope him like a glove. Bootleg held down her arms, spreading them wide as he chastened her with whips and slaps from the slut paddle. The DP began and she screamed out in pain, pleading for mercy as their thrusts became harder and faster. They filled her mouth and tummy with yellow discipline and when they finally let up, Bootleg then sank in the figure whore leg lock, trapping her in place until she almost passed out. They all took turns on her pretty face, smearing cum all over her cheeks and lips, and all throughout her supercuts hair dew. She sucked it up all like a souvlaki as they laughed and watched her squirm.

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